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The M.S. in Global Technology and Development offers a globally and technologically oriented program by introducing theories of systems technology, the interface between technology and society, and their role in global development and change. We are entering an era of rapid technological and social change globally, this program will prepare you not only to understand this change but also to help you thrive in it.




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Jaclyn Hawtin

Jaclyn Hawtin

GTD has completely changed my life. I barely even recognize the person that I was when I started this program as I have gone through such a transformational process. This program has given me the tools I needed to become a true entrepreneur and upon graduation I will be leaving not only with a masters degree in hand but also a global company that I can call my own.


Nedim Yel

Nedim Yel

GTD changed the way I look at the world. Most of the problems you think are unique to your country of origin are not unique at all. Slight modifications of solutions to these kinds of problems have global implications and GTD gives you the ability to be the bridge between those problems and solutions.


Global Technology and Development (M.S.)

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Program Description

The M.S. in Global Technology and Development is a program in international social, economic and political development, which highlights the variable of technology in these development processes, and analyzes change within the context of the current era of globalization. One of the central concerns addressed in the program is the global disparity in wealth and access to resources and basic needs, both between and within countries. Students are encouraged to pursue unique research questions in the developed or the developing worlds, which engage them in social science research on issues related to technology and human socioeconomic and political development. Students take theoretical, research, policy and regional studies courses to prepare them for their master's culminating experience requirement of a thesis, applied project, or comprehensive examination, depending upon the interests and goals of each student. Those interested in the M.S. in Global Technology and Development online program may visit the ASU Online website for more information.

Those interested in the Global Technology and Development (M.S.) online program may visit the ASU Online website for more information.

Degree Requirements


Program requires the following: 30 credit hours, including a capstone experience such as a thesis, applied project, or comprehensive exam.

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School of Letters and Sciences | Interdisciplinary B Room 366 | 480-727-9533