Not Sure of Your Major Yet? No Problem!

UNI 150: Major and Career Exploration Course

This 7-1/2-week, one-credit, student-development course will actively engage you in your educational and career planning process.

Classes are limited to 19 students or fewer, designed for active learning!

In this class you will:
  • Take assessments and clarify your interests, passions and personality.
  • Develop skills to research the majors or careers you are considering.
  • Use information gathered to make a good decision.
  • Create a plan for academic and career achievement.

Network and Intern for Your Future

UNI 250: Choosing a Major

Prepare for academic and professional success with this advanced one-credit, A or B session career-development course.  Develop the skills you need to make a thoughtful choice that will lead to satisfaction and success academically and professionally!  Pre-requisite: UNI 150 Career Exploration with a C or better.

In UNI 250, you will:
  • Develop a major and career goal that tap into your potential and motivates academic excellence.
  • Focus on networking skills.
  • Learn about and prepare for internships.
  • Write a professional résumé.

Design Your Career Path to Success

UNI 270: Career Direction for a Successful Future
In this 7-1/2-week, one-credit, student-development course, you will explore factors that influence personal decision making and develop workplace skills.  Pre-requisite: UNI 250 with C or better.
  • Discover personal strengths for educational and career goal setting.
  • Develop skills in creating and accomplishing goals.
  • Demonstrate teamwork and leadership skills.
  • Identify the key skills that employers seek and you need to develop.
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