residential communities

Our Mission

The School of Letters and Sciences (SLS) Residential Colleges strive to develop diverse and holistically supportive communities for first-year students by creating a residential environment that instills pride, identity and empowerment through students’ major and career exploration while increasing awareness for their campus and community. SLS students consist of ASU Exploratory students at all campuses, and SLS declared majors at the Polytechnic and Downtown campuses.

  • The SLS Residential Communities allow first-year exploratory students to live together in a designated floor or building of a residence hall, providing students academic and social support in their transition from high school to college through intentional academic programming.
  • All first-time freshman SLS students living on campus are required to participate in the Explorers Residential Communities.
  • SLS has four Residential Communities:

Learning Outcomes/Goals

Students will:

  • Actively engage in a holistically supportive exploratory residential community experience.
  • Have access to over 104 intentional programs per year put on by the Peer Ambassador staff.
  • Be aware and utilize campus exploration and academic support resources.
  • Demonstrate an understanding for institutional policies and processes.
  • Have the knowledge and resources necessary to declare a major as soon as they are individually ready.
  • Gain a sense of pride and identity while feeling empowered throughout their individual dynamic career and major journey.

To Become A SLS Residential Communities Resident

  • Update your University Housing Preferences to indicate your community choice as University Explorers at


  • Attend ASU Orientation.
  • Attend the Explorers Welcome Meeting and Social (first week of classes fall semester). You will receive specific instructions regarding these requirements once accepted to the SLS Residential Communities.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. What are the SLS Residential Communities?
    The SLS Residential Communities are an opportunity for students admitted to an exploratory major track, or a SLS declared major, to live on campus exclusively with other first-year students (either in the same building or floor). Support services and programs are provided in the students’ residence to assist students with their transition to the university and their major and career exploration.
  2. As a SLS student, am I required to live in a SLS Residential Communities?
    Any first-year SLS student who applies for housing at the Downtown Phoenix, Polytechnic or West campuses will be placed in the SLS Residential Communities. Tempe exploratory students wishing to live on campus have the option of living in one of the two SLS Residential Communities.
  3. Why would I want to live in an Explorers Residential Communities?
    The SLS Residential Communities provide students with an intimate ASU community experience where they can provide and receive support from their peers who are also exploring their major and career options, or have declared a SLS major at the Downtown Phoenix or Polytechnic campus. Students who actively participate in the SLS Residential Communities will be well equipped for success at ASU academically and in deciding on the major they intend to graduate with.
  4. Who gets to live in the SLS Residential Communities? How is it decided?
    All first-year SLS students on the West, Polytechnic and Downtown Phoenix campuses who apply for housing are automatically placed in the residential communities. Tempe exploratory students must submit an application for housing to University Housing and choose one of the two residential community options to live in.
  5. When will I know that I am in the SLS Residential Communities?
    After your housing application and SLS Residential Community is requested and properly submitted, housing assignments will be assigned by mid-spring each year. Please visit the University Housing website for any additional housing information.
  6. If I begin as an exploratory student and then declare a major do I have to move?
    No. Once you have declared your major, we encourage you to remain an active member of the SLS Residential Communities and to assist your peers in their exploration. Students can only be removed from the residential communities for violating University Housing Policies and/or the Student Code of Conduct.