Technical Communication

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Program Description

Through the technical communication program, students learn how to produce, design and manage information, using traditional and developing technologies.

Additional program fee: N
Second language requirement: N
Degree Requirements

The undergraduate certificate requires 18 hours. The following courses are required:

TWC 301 General Principles of Multimedia Writing
TWC 401 Principles of Technical Communication

Choose one of the following courses:

TWC 411 Principles of Visual Communication
TWC 421 Principles of Writing with Technology
TWC 431 Principles of Technical Editing

Choose three other 400-level TWC courses, of which at least two must be genre or information courses, such as TWC 443 Proposal Writing or TWC 452 Information in the Digital Age.

Admission Requirements

The certificate is available to all admitted undergraduate students (regular or nondegree) at ASU. Once students have been admitted, they are eligible to enroll in courses to complete the certificate program. Applications are accepted throughout the year.

Please contact the school for more information.

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School of Letters and Sciences | SANCA 233 | 480-727-1526